Best. Save. Ever.

The Best Save Ever

“Unbelievable stop!  How did he keep that out!”

“That is ridiculous.”

“I’m still a bit stunned.”

Yes, I’m doing this.  Because, those quotes above are just a few of the reactions to the save that I’m about to boldly proclaim as being the best save ever.

There are so many reasons, so allow me to explain.

Every so often, I’ll have an urge to watch compilations of great saves.  I’ll go to YouTube and get inspired with some puck stopping goalie awesomeness.  But, after more of that than I care to admit, I’ll be damned if I didn’t notice a pattern.  Save after incredible save I watched and then it all started looking familiar, like I’d seen them before.  They were still all freakin’ great, but they seemed almost routine.

Like, look…there’s the reaching glove saves…


the desperate lunge stick save…


And, trust me, there’s more.  I’m just too lazy to edit more into an animated gif.  The point is, they start looking the same, amiright?  Now, don’t get me wrong, they are all still cool as hell, but none of them inspire as much awe as the “best save ever”.  It was nothing like I’d ever seen.  And I doubt if we’ll ever see it again.

Here are more quotes from the announcers that called that game…

“The story for me in that first period, and I know, the goal is the thing, right?  But how ’bout the save?”

“It’s a save of the year candidate, RIGHT NOW!  Top three minimum.”

“The fans were on their feet giving him a standing ovation after seeing it on the scoreboard, because I don’t think they believed it when they saw it live.”


You may already have in mind what you think is the “best save ever”, but think…did it get a standing ovation?

This was a save that happened halfway through the 1st period.  It wasn’t even a critical moment near the end of the game when everyone should already be standing.  It was the first period!  People were still getting to their seats for crying out loud!

I don’t ever recall hearing or seeing a single save getting a standing ovation.  Nor have I ever seen a save that single-handidly caused a minor twitter uproar.

It combined the quickness, the reaction speed and the body control of all the best saves you could ever think of.

“Keep in mind how much core strength that must take, flexibility…”

“As you mentioned, the core strength, I don’t think there is any other goalie in the world that can make that save because of the type of save it was.”

“I’m not sure anyone has the athletic ability, and these are the worlds greatest athletes.”

He’s not sure anyone has the athletic ability?  And boy did it have it.  The core strength and that tiny half second explosion of athleticism is absolutely insane.  Read the quotes again from the announcers who actually called the game!  That’s not hyperbole.  But all that aside, the following is what puts it into elite status as the “best save ever”…


“You come across that way, your skate or pad has to be on the ice.”

“I’ve seen it so many times over the years, I’ve never seen that type though.”

Exactly.  That skate or pad, in 100% of every same situation since or after, is…on…the…ice.  Always.  Never have I seen otherwise.

There was, in fact, an element of (twenty five cent word alert!)  prescience.  (It was so mind blowing, I could only pay proper homage to it by using a word that costs money).  He knew what was going to happen before it happened!  I wouldn’t be surprised if he turned out to be an alien with this shit he pulled.

So here it is…

For its:

  • Fantastic flexibility
  • Incredible core strength
  • Superior speed
  • Cat-like quickness
  • In-the-zone awareness
  • Perfect prescience

…I give you the “Best Save Ever.”

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